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About us


Shriji Education Services is an emerging visa and immigration consultants that is out of the ordinary. We deliver expert services to our client. At present, we function for countries like Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK, and ,Australia.

Your profile is in a safe place where every minute detail is scrutinized and accordingly a set of options or the only option is put across. There are quite a few, however, successful stories from our Visa Consultants. We take pride in saying so as we have not been around like the big names flashing all over the city. We are one of the finest, trustworthy, reliant and efficient visa and immigration consultants. We strive to provide the best services according to our clients’ goals to study in or migrate to their dream country.

Vijay Patel

(Chairman and founder)

17 Years of Experience


  • Unmatched Professionalism 
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Competent Staffing 
  • Fully Equipped Office 
  •  State -of- The- Art Technology
  •  Dedicated Visa Team
  •  Committed To Given Word
  •  Follow- Up With Clients

At Shriji,

We give wings, to your Dreams

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Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values

Shriji Education Services features a Vision to deliver excellent client satisfaction by providing world ­class Visa and Immigration Services which will enable us to succeed in our goal – to be the leading choice among world­wide clients. To achieve our goal, we are backed by a team of Immigration Experts combined with state­ of­ the­ art technology. Choice among world­wide clients. We believe going about business the moral way, with dedication and commitment to achieve our client’s expectations, transparent process and most significantly – operating with superior standards of integrity. Our diligence and dedication in fields of experience expands to all or any our partners, employers, communities & customers

Our organization is learning at a rapid pace. Soon, the Shriji Education features a dream of stretching bent all regions of Gujarat – North, South, East & West simultaneously. By achieving your dreams of settling abroad, we’ll simultaneously fulfil our mission and deliver our vision statement. So, once more make certain that once we serve you with our world class Immigration Services.

We believe in people
We are passionate
We share a common goal
We target excellence
We value our values

Why Choose Shriji Education

Here at Shriji Education Services, our team showcases expertise and deliver their due add time with zeal. The professionalism is commendable (we recommend you come and take a glance once for your satisfaction.) you’d make the choice on going ahead with our services at Shriji Education. We assure reliable process and help to send you to your dream destination to chase your aspirations of going overseas for whatever reason.

Every human grows up having some dreams or the opposite in his /her life. While some plan out a selected career, others lay out a career path. Some prefer to calm down in their respective country where as others would really like to explore options in another region, another country. that’s exactly where consulting with us comes into the image. All you’ve got to try to is have an interview with us and tell us what you propose to try to.

We understand your requirement for time and space. The visa process may be a kid of roller- coaster ride. you actually don’t know when or how soon your visa would get approved. Moreover, the Immigration Rules of varied countries get updated on regular intervals also as all of a sudden. We are updated with the newest changes, updates, etc. as per the specified norms. this is often one among the explanations why our clients are compelled to pick Shriji Education. as their gateway to going abroad!

Well, there are some fellas with extra – ordinary talent who feel they might roll in the hay all themselves. Yeah, why not? But, considering your daily busy schedule, running around embassies, waiting your turn, etc. is a challenging task especially once you want to offer your best at a visa interview. All this extra stuff and running around would get within the way of your daily routine.

Here is again where we are available to ease your diligence a touch bit. From the instant we glance at the web form/ scrutinize your profile, till you step overseas we guide you thru step- by -step. We help students with their dreams of Studying Overseas. Then there are working professionals who would really like to prolong a career path overseas. Again, there are those cute kids with their mamma’s who’d wish to join you overseas. consider your elderly parents who saw your through most of your lives, now it’s your address look after them. Howzzat possible when you’re on the opposite a part of the world?!

Advantages with Company

There are numerous Visa and Best Immigration Consultants within the country – it’s a standard doubt that arises within the minds of the many immigrant aspirants. Our services range from short – term to future visas to immigration to several popular and infamous countries scattered everywhere the planet. There are several Advantages with Shriji Education Services such as:

  • Services Customized only for You
  • Reuniting Families Overseas
  • Helping People Settle Overseas
  • Assisting Students with Students’ Visas
  • Visas & Immigration of all kinds

One of the foremost important Advantages of Shriji Education is because we assure our clients a mistake – visa application. this protects tons of unwanted and unseen delay within the visa application /processing. Hence, it’s very critical to understand what’s happening your form and the way correctly it writes on your form. Take our services for error- free morpheme filling.

The immigration advisors are well versed with the immigration requirements and keep up with the newest visa developments for the countries we offer services for. Our team bridges the gap between these unknown fall outs and our clients’ overseas aspirations. This includes prerequisites for migrating, occupation list for major countries, sponsorship, and every one visa classes.

Moreover, just in case for any reason your visa is refused then our team would use their expertise to undertake and file another visa petition for you. In case, the Visa Requirements are different than what’s on your profile, then they might suggest the foremost suitable country where you’ll calm down. Our thorough profile – evals are one among the highest advantages of going with Shriji Education.
Our services reach the subsequent needs and evolve as per the clientele requirement. Settling Abroad, Study Abroad, Visit Abroad


We draw on our global network to
assemble a team of experts.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Hetal Bhatt

Motivational Speaker

Maulik Soni

Director & Best-Selling author
Abroad Study Expert

Kishan Patel


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